Original Music From The Road of Life

About Me

Welcome to JZ Music! I'm John Zimmerman, and music is my passion. In addition to performing live (as a member of K&J and Harpo and the Mojo Hands), I write original music. This website is dedicated to showcasing my originals. It also details my musical history.

I picked up a guitar in my senior year of high school and never put it down! In the 1960's I was a member of The Heard, a very successful rock band out of Sacramento. During the years of working and raising a family, I did casual engagements with a number of bands. Retirement in 2003 gave me the time to perfect my music.

Over the many decades of my life I have written original music, some of which reflects my emotional state at the time. Music is the language of emotion. My music reflects my journey down the road of life!

Guitars I Have Owned

Guitars have always been my first love.  And I have owned a lot of them over the years.  Here are photos of most of the ones I have owned.


A collection of original music I have written and recorded